Assistant PIM 13/03/22 for Windows 10


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Assistant PIM (Personal Information Management) is a software for personal information management. With it, you can create notes, schedule tasks, manage contacts, and even appointments. The application is designed for the casual user and for employers operating their own businesses. Users can operate the contact details of people and partners, create groups of woody and assign contacts to set up groups to plan and remind you of the upcoming event or incident. Assistant PIM user sends bulk SMS korespodencje and also includes modules designed for employers (information about the company, etc.). Assistant PIM printing allows you to edit, search, reports changes give exceptions (permissions) for users, and also has the ability to transfer of personal data by. Guidelines Inspector General Protection Supervisor. Note: The program is available in various versions - PRO MAX BUSINESS. All differences between these versions can be found on the official website of the manufacturer. The software is available in the trial version and allows for 31 days free use. When this function is disabled during data recording.